Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Adventures of September 22nd

Today I went to see the trees with eyes, there were two circles of white birch trees. In one circle there were 16 trees and in the other there were nine. It was exceptional, you could feel the energy coming off of the trees in soft waves. The trees weren't overly present or pushing out mass amounts of energy like the energy I felt pulling me to them. Some of these trees had over ten eyes on them, I have never seen anything like them. They almost put me into a meditative state if I had not had music playing.
Dalton and I sat down and showed the trees our crystals we have collected and all of my treasures from my adventures in the Indian Mounds. I listened to the frogs making their chirps before hopping into the water, I almost thought that they weren't fearful of us but more playing and showing us how far they could jump and showing off their amazing legs. We watched as a flock of birds flew in a huge circle dropping to the water to skim bugs off if it's surface. A few of the birds even left me some parting gifts before we left, three beautiful black feathers. I ran into my friend who talks to these trees every morning and he explained that the energy is better early in the morning, between 5:30 and 9, one of these mornings I will have to go speak with the trees and ask for wisdom and guidance.

I feel the need to explain the significance of the number of the grouping of these trees, in the circle of nine they represent each of the nine elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Yoni, Lingam, Sun, Moon, and Akasha. I am still learning about three of the elements, Yoni, Lingam, and Akasha, but look forward to finding out which tree is which.

My friend told me the circle of 16 represented the heart chakra to him, I have yet to hear these trees talk but I would like to see where he gets this feeling. He told me about how trees talk to each other, it's similar to dropping a live wire into a pool of water with someone standing in the middle of it, it is going to shock you because the water is connecting you to the energy from the wire. In the same way that when it rains the water connects the roots and allows the trees to talk to each other. They share vital information when Mother Nature lets her skies open. I think this is such a beautiful process how it takes more than one element for communication. Earth requires Water to speak to itself but Earth requires Air to speak to me, and so on and so forth. The beauty is never ending, I will never forget the lessons I am learning as I grow into a healthy spiritual being. I feel my third eye opening and connecting with the world around me and I see so much clearer now that I have an understanding that most people don't understand yet. I am very fortunate to live where I do where nature has been gifting me with her ever present wisdom. I have the wisdom of the natives from the Indian Mounds and the wisdom of the trees that can see, i am very excited to find more beautiful places with more lessons for me to learn.

Until then, good vibes and happiness for all who venture to this rambling blog, go find your lessons in nature today. Make sure you are listening She speaks very softly at times.


It all started with this flame, igniting in my chest.
There was no burn, just a relentless desire.
A calm took over as I nurtured this flame.
It called me to go outdoors, to dig my feet into the Earth.
I felt the vibrations, linking me to Her.
She took me over, making us one vibration.
The world seemed to drop away, I've never felt this before.
It felt as though I knew everything She knew.
I felt all of the creatures and all of the plants in the depth of my being.
I stretched my arms out to feel the breeze and tilted my head back to feel the warmth of the sun, basking in Her glory.
The longer I stood there the calmer the flame got.
It all happened so fast, as if in the blink of an eye.
I had awaken, to a beautiful new existence.
My eyes could see as if through Hers.
I could connect with the animals.
I could whisper to the trees.
I could feel the change coming.
I let my hair blow freely as She embraced me.
A proud Mother, her children were starting to wake from their long slumber.
With Her arms wide open and Her knowledge ever flowing, beckoning to follow the flame.

Whispering Leaves by Chelsea Havens

A man once told me he talked to trees.
Just through a whistle from the wind.
You can hear their answers from the leaves, rustling in the breeze.
He spoke of their eyes, gazing at the sky and all her wonder.
I listened as he spoke of their roots, sharing secrets in the rain.

I remembered back to hearing my first hello from Mother Nature and how her voice took me off my feet.
I heard the birds coo, all that had ever landed there.
I still stand amazed at her glory as I talk of my life to the trees.
Forever astounded that I can hear their secrets and I find my own roots and start to grow upwards.
One day hoping to be as perfect as the trees.